Cristanini Decontamination Trailer

Terrorist organisations are prepared to resort to novel forms of weapons such as spreading Chemical, Biological agents, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) materials to create significant levels of casualties and business interruption from an event of this nature. This is creating an urgent requirement to find ways to preserve the health and safety of individuals, groups of people, buildings (including transport) and infrastructure who may be contaminated as a result of a terrorist CBRN attack or an industrial accident that potentially can cause a similar hazard environment. Restoring business continuity as quickly as possible is vital to the economic survival of businesses caught up in these events.

CBRN Solutions UK, an experienced company in CBRN matters is able to offer the Cristanini RI/CBRNDT as an immediate solution to rapid decontamination, detoxification and destruction of chemical and biological agents and removal of radiological particles from people, buildings, infrastructures, vehicles and terrain. The system can operate at low and high pressures and temperatures (20-90 bar and 0-200°C), out- performing many of its rivals. The high bar pressure allows for thorough mixing of the various BX decontaminant formulas which are disseminated to the contaminated surfaces by dedicated delivery systems. RI/CBRNDT is already in service with both military and civilian emergency responders in a number of countries.

Main features include:

  • Rapidly deployable
  • Highly portable
  • Self contained
  • Unique towing system
  • Into action within 5 minutes
  • Detoxifies and decontaminates
  • Tried and tested decontaminants
  • Minimum water management
  • Low manpower burden
  • Low logistic requirement
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Full manufacturers warranty on all equipment
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At CBRN Solutions UK we recognise the need for speed of response when a toxic release occurs, which is why we are here to fill that requirement.

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