Vulnerability Testing

The majority of business organisations have well rehearsed plans and procedures within their Business Continuity Plans (BCP’s) for dealing with Fire or an Explosive device in or near their premises. However, dealing with a CBRN event requires a Full understanding of how these hazards may affect a staff, visitors property infrastructure, the surrounding area and business continuity. Those organisations or individuals who are not sure of their vulnerability from such events should take steps to assess the risk. One positive way is to undergo a CBRN vulnerability test.

Seeking a test from a dedicated credible source either by an “Active” or “Passive” test will assist in deciding the vulnerabilities of an organisation. Active tests could involve physical events such as receiving simulated post through the mail or simulated substances being smuggled into secure areas. Passive tests involves the use of non invasive physical methods such as questionnaires.

CBRN Solutions UK, an experienced company in CBRN matters can offer dedicated active and passive testing resulting in the provision of an in depth specialist CBRN vulnerability report.

Both tests or a combination of them provides valuable information including:

  • Key areas of vulnerability
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses
  • External / Internal vulnerabilities
  • Gaps in procedural measures

CBRN Solutions UK offers a complete Turnkey Solution covering:

  • Vulnerability countermeasures
  • Health care advice
  • Protective measures
  • Procedural countermeasures
  • Equipment
  • Training

Our organisations flexibility enables tailored testing to be factored into the exact requirements of the client.

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At CBRN Solutions UK we recognise the need for speed of response when a toxic release occurs, which is why we are here to fill that requirement.

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