VIP Protection

The majority of important people have both a public and private life to contend with and as such can become a target for terrorists or extremists. This could include kidnap for ransom, political means or assassinated as an example to others not to follow the victims career path.

The VIP lifestyle makes them constantly vulnerable to various methods of attack, from the use of explosives, through to more novel forms of attack, using CBRN methods. Receiving contaminated letters through the post represents only a small part of the options available to a terrorist or extremist organisation and the use of CBRN substances and materials expands their ability to potentially kill or seriously injure many more of their target audience.

All human life and the preservation of it is important. CBRN toxic releases whether by accident or a terrorist act can be indiscriminate in who and what they affect, once released into the open air. It is a duty of care responsibility for all organisations to provide protective measures for their staff and visitors against toxic releases in the same way they do for fire and bomb threats.

CBRN Solutions UK, an experienced company in CBRN matters can offer in depth specialist advice and countermeasure services to mitigate the impact and effects on VIPs and Corporate personnel, prior to and in the aftermath of a CBRN event.

This can be achieved in the form of a risk assessment and report covering amongst other topics:

  • Threat assessment
  • Lifestyle
  • Location

Our organisations flexibility enables these services to be tailored to the exact requirements of the client.

CBRN Solutions UK offers a complete Turnkey solution covering:

  • Risk assessment reports
  • Recommendations and options
  • Procedures, equipment and training
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At CBRN Solutions UK we recognise the need for speed of response when a toxic release occurs, which is why we are here to fill that requirement.

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